Hello Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the comic so far! Just thought I’d take this chance to introduce myself. So, I’m April, I’m an interaction designer and illustrator in Vancouver, BC. This is my first webcomic and I’m really excited to get it out there. I came up with the idea for this comic several months ago and worked on it with my good friend, Cj to bring it to you now! I really hope you enjoy it, it’s meant to be an interpretation of a fairy tale (should become pretty obvious in the next few chapters) but we’ve…twisted the story a bit. The story won’t align to the original fairy tale too closely, it was more of a starting point and a guideline to follow as we went through, because really we just wanted the change to create an interesting story that would be engaging to write and read. Hopefully it seems interesting so far?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it as it goes along. I’m going to keep this pace of 2 pages a week for a while until we settle into the story a bit, so in the meantime, enjoy!