Hello Everyone! I’m proud to say that today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of the comic The Prince and the Swan! One year ago we started posting the comic up on www.princeandswan.com after several months of preparation and development work by Cj Wee and myself.

We had actually been discussing making a fairytale adaptation for about a year previous to the beginning of the comic. Cj and I threw around a lot of ideas, maybe something pre-existing? We didn’t want to do a story that had been done by disney, even though we really love those stories. And we didn’t want to to be a fairytale that wasn’t that familiar to us.

Finally, November 2012 I was sitting in a coffee shop messing around with some concepts when I found myself working with Swan Lake. Odet, Siegfried and Benno slowly came to life in my sketchbook and I hurriedly texted the new images to Cj. After that, we began the proper development, looking through books and articles and producing lots of concept sketches and side stories.

Even now, we’re still only getting started. To those that have been reading (and actually read through this post), Thank you. Seeing people enjoy this story has been extremely rewarding and we look forward to telling you more about it!

A last big thanks to my amazing team who have honestly been the people making this happen. I couldn’t be doing this without their valuable support. Great work Cj, Dennis and Paul!

One more post to go for The Prince and the Swan: Chapter 3! After the end of this chapter, we’re going to be taking a 3 week break (which will be punctuated by little sneak peeks and extras) before we start Chapter 4. So stay tuned!