And Chapter 5 is done! We’ve ended the chapter with the last two pages at once!

A few things going forward! I’m going to be taking a short break before starting on chapter 6. During that time, of course, I’ll be giving some sneak-peeks into the upcoming chapter as well as extra practice on my blog. :)

Also, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is next week! Drop by Yaletown Roundhouse community center in downtown Vancouver on May 23-24 to pick up prints and see some specially printed versions of the comic!

Also, I didn’t want to announce this too soon, but we’re getting the first few chapters printed! I’ll have more updates on that as time goes.

Hope to see some of you next weekend. Until then, let me know what you think of the comic so far! I know I haven’t responded, but I read every single comment you leave on the pages and they make me so happy! Thanks everyone for your support so far!

Talk to you soon!