Hello everyone. Sorry about the late page, wanted to do a good job and honestly, this week has been very difficult for everyone.

The Prince and Swan team was shaken by the news of the tragedy that happened in Orlando, FL. There have been so many mass shootings in America, all of them heartbreaking, but this specific incident really brought it home. The thought that LGBTQA+ people and their allies were out having fun with their friends when this senseless act of hate and violence occurred is extremely sobering.

We may be far away, but we stand with you. We watch the news, see innocent people breaking down, and we want you to know that our hearts and thoughts are with all of you.

It’s so important that we stand up and support each other going forward. We will be down in San Francisco next weekend at the Queer Comic Expo to celebrate comics and the LGBTQA+ community and remind everyone that love is more powerful than hatred. Through all of this, you will not be alone. We hope to see many people there and celebrate and bring joy to an otherwise difficult time for all of us.

With all our love,
The Prince and the Swan Team
April Pierce | Gareth Cj. Wee | Dennis Yip | Paul Brokenshire