April Pierce

April is the artist and lead writer of The Prince and the Swan. Although she has been making art and drawing comics forever, this is the first time she has published her stories for all to see. When April isn’t making art she is designing user interfaces, obsessing about design, and losing productivity to the vortex that is tumblr.

You can talk with her by sending a message to her by email at april@princeandswan.com

Gareth CJ. Wee

Cj. co-writes The Prince and The Swan with April and works on some of the flat colors for the comic. He moved to Vancouver, BC 7 years ago. Cj.’s heart has a soft spot for people with disabilities, the homeless, and those who are struggling in life.

Dennis Yip

Dennis is an assistant colorist to the team.

Paul Brokenshire

Paul is the Web administrator/designer/developer/editor for princeandswan.com. He makes things work.